Yeah, it’s a harsh title, I know. But just wait…

a couple weeks ago, I informed my apt manager that I would be getting a service dog, and she said she needed to talk to one of the owners about it, as the apts have a “no pets” policy. No problem, I thought. I went back a few days later and asked for the letter, and the manager told me the owner wanted to discuss the matter, as he is a lawyer and wanted to cover some things. Ok, sure.

This past Monday was the conversation. At the beginning, he informed me he was going to tape the conversation. Hmmmm, ok, sure. Then the questions began. He asked me for background information on myself, no biggie. Thanked me for my service to our country. Ok.

Then it it happened. “What are your symptoms?” – Violation

“You don’t look like you need a service dog.” – Violation

“We’ve had dogs here before, but they were for blind people.” – So?

“Thanks for the doctor’s letter, but I still need your doctor to fill out this ‘special form’, and once you get it back, I will take a week or so and decide whether you qualify under the Fair Housing Act.” –¬†Illegal and a Violation

“There might be some additional forms and/or fees…” – Illegal and a Violation

See where this is going? And he recorded the talk! I am getting a copy of it, BTW.

I contacted the ADA, and their auto system said to call HUD for housing discrimination. When I called them, the lady on the other end only heard a couple of the violations this owner committed before telling me I needed to file a formal complaint, which I did the next day.

So now I am waiting for the other shoe. Several people told me I needed to contact the media, but to wise individuals suggested I delay that plan. I really wanted this to be easy, not a major pain in the neck. That was both figurative and literal, as my nerve problem is in my neck, and he caused it to flare up, along with a few other symptoms. I do not know what is going to happen next, but I believe this is only going to get worse before it gets better.

Trials and Tribulations

Ok. So, I began researching Service Dog organizations, and discovered that Puppies Behind Bars would likely be my best option. My doctor instructed me to apply for a service dog, so I did. It took a few months to get both my doctor and my wife to fill out their paperwork, but I finally got it and sent my application in. About a week later, the lady conducting interviews calls me and informs me that some additional documents are needs. I needed a second reference, a letter from my job stating there was no problem having a service dog, and a similar letter from the apartment I live in during the week.

For those who don’t know, I work 3+ hours from home, and must stay in the other town during the week; going home on weekends.

The 2nd reference was easy. Getting a letter from work, that has been more difficult, which I believed it would not be, as they stated they knew the ADA laws and regulations. They are being terribly slow about it, but I should get the letter in a couple more days.

The apartment sitrep is a whole other animal, which I will post separately.

Howdy everyone.

Greetings. I am going to begin detailing my journey of getting my Service Dog. Unfortunately, this beginning will be in a shadowed light.